1. …while “the female gaze” is attracted by things like a naked, sweaty Chris Evans or Idris Elba, it’s also attracted by things like: men smiling in sweaters, men crying (DON’T LIE TUMBLR), barefoot fragile Sebastian Stan in the rain on Political Animals, men holding babies, men speaking foreign languages, Mark Ruffalo, and a whole bunch of weird stuff on Ao3 that I don’t even wanna get into. And that’s just “the female gaze as it pertains to men.”
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    A Mechanical Model of the Solar system - or an Orrery.

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Summing up this month.


    Summing up this month.

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    Map of the City Where Every Novel Takes Place

    [via electricliterature.com]

    In this bookish city, Animal Farm is a farm off of Wuthering Heights road. The park system includes Lunar Park, Jurassic Park, Mansfield Parkand The Asphalt Jungle. You can go hiking At the Mountains of Madness and Cold Mountain, or take a dip in Dead Lagoon.

    Designed by Dorothy, you can purchase the map as a 60cm x 80cm print


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  9. Fic

    Somebody somewhere said something about a Jewish Bucky (was it queermilady maybe?), and somebody else was wondering out loud why Bucky got picked for experimentation in the first place and now, now I have a terrible, sad, awful headcannon. I’m not writing a whole fic, but I wanted to do a drabble.

    (PS: I feel like it’s worth mentioning that, depending on who captured the Commandos, Gabe might have been in immediate mortal danger too. In this he’s not, but he is targeted.)

    TW: Nazis, racism, antisemitism, helplessness and horror.

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